What Inspires Me (and how you can find time to be inspired, too!)

As a creative, and someone who loves restoring furniture, I’ve been mulling over the concept of restoration and inspiration. I wanted to share some things about what inspires me (and my husband) to continue the work we are doing.

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I’ve always loved being inspired, and finding new ways to draw from sources around me. One of the biggest things I’ve loved is scrolling through Pinterest. Although there is an overwhelming about of information on Pinterest, it also is filled with both new and old posts, which means I can find things even if I missed them a year ago! I also draw inspiration from the simplest of things in my life: nature, kindness, friendship and love. Even a good walk outside can get my brain moving in a creative space.

I’ve also come to realized that we are such a “throw-away” generation. We buy, we use, and then, we throw away or replace. Our elders were so much wiser with the things they kept and lived with sixty years ago, and had the mentality of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”…I don’t practice that as often as I wish I did, but I am drawn to restoration. Even if it isn’t broken, I can make it better and make it beautiful with a little love. Luke and I are currently searching for a home to renovate, and I am truly looking for something awful! Not only because it is an unique challenge, but because I want the diamond in the rough, the hidden gem, the “dry bones” that need new life breathed into them.

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Part of our story also centers around redemption and restoration in our own lives. I’m just fascinated by that, because it is unreal to me that we all have the choice to be redeemed spiritually as well…what a gift. Old discarded furniture is special to me, because I can see the potential in it, and I feel the same about real estate. I know quite a few people wonder how I have time to be creative, or to create, as a wife and mom. I really want to speak to those of you who also feel the pull to feel inspired, but don’t know how to make the time. We all need an outlet to do what we were born to do, that thing that you are passionate about. These are gifts, and talents unique to each of us. So, it’s always worth taking a risk to do that one thing that you are always thinking about, but scared to commit to. You only get this life one time, so make it count…do the thing you know you’re passionate about!

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