How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

When you sit down to choose bathroom tiles, you may be wondering why they matter so much. They are just tiles, destined to get splashed on and glanced at, right? But the lowly bathroom tile just may surprise you…they can have powerful design impact, even in small spaces. They can take a plain guest bathroom to something spectacular, when they are chosen right, not to mention, they can even make your cleaning easier! Here are our best tips for choosing a tile that will truly wow your guests, every time they enter your powder room:

Begin with what you need: Decide who will be using the bathroom. A master bathroom, a guest bathroom, and a children’s bathroom will all need different things, and can be tiled with different textures and materials (some people opt to use the same tile in each for a cohesive look). The best tiles for an all-purpose or children’s bathroom would be a plastic laminate or vinyl, which resist cracking and are safer for small feet and hands. You may be wondering if there are beautiful vinyl and laminate options, and there are. We like these wood-look tiles for an affordable and simple upgrade. Vinyl and laminate options also clean well, resist staining, and can withstand wear and tear (and splashing from a bathtub). There are also beautiful stone-like laminate flooring options.

Source: Covetable

-Think about cleaning: All-white subway tiles with white grout are absolutely gorgeous, and look stunning, but they can be difficult to keep clean. You may consider using black and white tiles with dark grout, or not as a flooring option, instead putting them on the walls if the bathroom sees heavy traffic. On above, they show dark grout done perfectly, although it can be a bit “busy” for some decor styles. You’d need to keep things neutral in other aspects to pull off the look. Other considerations are the need to seal a floor to prevent water damage, so be sure to ask about cleaning and sealing whatever tile you choose.

Source: Wayfair

-If you choose a focal point, just pick one: Printed tiles like these are gorgeous, but need to be the sole focus if you choose to integrate them into a small space like a bathroom.  Make sure they get the attention they deserve by not covering them up or adding another busy, textured or colored tile to the same area. Also keep in mind that sometimes a bathroom will use up to three kinds of tiles: wall, floor, and accent. If you plan to do this, make sure you choose all three at once, instead of finding one and trying to work around it after installation.

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