Our Story

Hi! We are SO glad you are here!  Im Mindy and my husband is Luke. We met (what feels like forever and yesterday at the same time) when we were 21 and have been married 17 years. We have 2 teenagers, and have been self employed and doing what we love since we have been married.

IMG_5366.jpgWhen the recession hit we decided to open a retail store- We are true risk takers, My husbands main line is “No risk No reward” he stands behind that 100%. We believe wholeheartedly if you have a business idea and its been inside you and you dream about it, and to have somewhat of a plan to fully go for it. I never want to regret not doing something I’m passionate about. We get one life, and we are going to make the best out of it. {Not to say we haven’t had our share of failed business ideas} but those are stories for another day 😉

Many of the smaller boutiques I adored were closing in our area which was such bummer! With both our kids in school we decided to go for it! It ended up being a destination spot after just a year in business, and always very busy, we expanded multiple times taking more square footage and more employees, adding warehouses and loved the displays we dreamed up! We owned and operated Pretty in Paint for 5 years, we grew it to the point of it needing to either expand into a larger building or sell it. We were over working ourselves with having a construction company as well, and decided our kids, going into high school were more important and needed us more available. We sold the store in early 2018 and decided to follow our hearts and move into the house flipping industry. We have only had experience in the new construction market so this is new for us, and so far so good!

Our story has always centered around redemption. Bringing life where things were dead, breathing new life into spaces, giving fresh perspective to places where people have lost hope. So, it makes sense that our latest project would involve breathing new life into homes and buildings…meet 4 Wall Revival.