How long does it take to build the tiny home?

The design period is about 2 weeks, and the build takes about 2-3 Months. Typically windows and doors are the only thing that will hold up a build.

How does it hook up to utilities?

Our tiny homes are built to hook up to sewer and water directly (like a house) so there are no tanks. The electrical will hook up to a 50 amp plug. If you needed tanks you can easily have a 3rd party service help you with that.

How do I know if its legal to have a tiny house on my property?

Zoning is a commonly asked question, you can call your local city planning department and get details on what you are allowed to have in your area.

Can I insure my tiny home?

Absolutely! Ask us for more info.

How do I haul the tiny home?

You need at least a 3/4 ton truck to move it, or contact us to help set up a trusted 3rd party transport company. Tiny homes are made to get from point A to Point B, not to travel frequently.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer financing through a 3rd party lender. Need help understanding your financing options? Call or email us and we will walk you through it. Information can be found here.

What appliances do the tiny homes come with?

Our tiny homes are equipped with a fridge and freezer, an HVAC mini split and microwave. You are welcome to add more in the design process.

Do you build to any certifications?

Yes, we certify our tiny homes through NOAH, a national accredited certification company. Each NOAH RDI certified structure has met safety, structural, and energy efficiency standards. Your new tiny home will come with a NOAH certified badge and number.

I’ve never done Airbnb before, what should I do to get started?

When it comes to success on Airbnb, visual impact is key. As an Airbnb In A Box Specialist, we can stage your new tiny house and provide you with professional marketing photos. For an extra fee, we take care of everything – from silverware to linens – to create the perfect aesthetic and vibe that will attract your ideal customer.

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