Four Design Blogs to Follow Right Now

You might think this is an odd topic, since you’re ON our design blog, but we believe in positivity and lifting others up, so we wanted to share a few blogs that have been giving us inspiration, too. Our aesthetic features a bit of modern farmhouse style, but we love many other styles as well, and especially love anything that is creative, fresh, and filled with heart.

Grey and ScoutThis was founded by Liz, who owns the company with the same name. She’s got impeccable taste, and blends a lot of modern minimalism with warmth and charm. All of her decor feels cozy, even though it’s clean. We especially love the wise use of texture (marble, wood, and tile) and all the gold accents.

The Design Chaser: Hello minimal lines! I love all the shades of white and neutrals across this blog. The scandinavian-inspired style is beautiful and simple, and has some unexpected quirks. Founder Michelle is likable and the blog reads well, though it’s definitely heavy on images rather than text.

Coco KelleyAlthough she started out as a fashion blogger, Cassandra now helms the design blog that also features fashion, travel, and beautiful photography. It’s fresh, young, and has a lot more of a whimsical feel than a traditional one. The whole site is inspirational and will appeal to most millennial readers. She also has plenty of DIY’s that are unique and super chic!

City Farmhouse: A farmhouse blog based in New York sounds a bit antithetical, but we promise it’s gorgeous. With a touch of city flair, and lots of modern items added in, it’s farmhouse style in a really special way. You’ll love the lighting fixtures, and the slew of projects and examples she provides.

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