What to Know Before You Start a Renovation

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As we are starting our new foray into renovation (which isn’t really new, since we have been restoring furniture for many years), we are learning so many lessons. We want this blog to truly walk alongside our journey and be a resource for others, so I wanted to get started with a few things you would need to know before you start a renovation project.

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Budget: Okay, this is a great place to start. If you’re anything like me, your “Pinterest eyes” might be a little larger than your budget. It helps me come back down to earth when I write out a true budget on paper. Something that works well is a paper with columns of “projected” and “actual” so you can keep track when you are over and under as the project progresses. Be sure you are keeping your receipts, tracking accurately, and being vigilant about recording. Also, never do a project where your “projected” is exactly or more than you have to work with. Renovations can be unpredictable and often have hidden or surprise costs.

Expectations: Ask yourself why you are doing the renovation in the first place. It’s a hard question, but sometimes a renovation is not wise when: you are trying to make great financial strides and can’t afford it, or you are simply renovating because you feel the pressure to increase your lifestyle and appearance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with improving the aesthetics of your home, it should be a fiscally sound and wise decision, not a rash one that you are doing to impress others. Make sure your expectations match what is realistic, and what will truly bring happiness and peace. Be sure your family and/or hubby are on board so you can be united and excited!

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Timeline: If you are doing a large scale project that involves your family home, be sure you understand how long it will take. Yes, there are sometimes surprise hurdles that take longer than expected, but ask a contractor (if you are having them do the work), or a trusted professional in the field (if you are doing it yourself) to help you build a real picture of how long this will take and how you will deal with the challenges. Can you go without a fully functional kitchen or bathroom for X amount of months or weeks? Is ripping out your flooring something your children can deal with regarding safety hazards? Is not having a garage or a driveway going to impede your day to day life? These are important questions that go back to #2: creating unity and peace in your home around a renovation, not division.

Stick to your guns: There will be a multitude of decisions to make during a large or small scale project, and they can easily become stressful. Don’t make others suffer your stress or snappiness because you are letting them mount up and become increasingly patience-testing. Make as many decisions as you can beforehand, and don’t second-guess yourself over and over in the process. Stay true to your vision, and keep a cheerful countenance so a project becomes a memory, not a nightmare.

4Wall Revival is a renovation team based in Southern Oregon. They were the founders and former owners of Pretty in Paint and are now living out their dream of renovation forgotten, dilapidated, and worn out homes and bring them back to life.

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