Welcome to 4 Wall Revival!

Our story has always centered around redemption. Bringing life where things were dead, breathing new life into spaces, giving fresh perspective to places where people have lost hope. So, it makes sense that our latest project would involve breathing new life into homes and buildings…meet 4 Wall Revival. We are launching in 2018, and we will be renovating old houses, as well as making new designs from old furniture.
Why renovation and restoration? We have a true passion for real estate and design. We used to build and sell homes during the early 2000’s, and we loved it! My husband, Luke, has kept his general contractor’s license active since 2002, and we have been waiting for the right time to enter the market while maintaining our love for furniture, as well.
What will you be focused on? We can’t wait to begin renovating homes that need quite a lot of love, and then offering them at an affordable price. Besides this primary focus, we will also be building and renovating furniture pieces. We will be utilizing our background in retail (running Pretty in Paint) to renovate, design, and stage the homes we will sell as 4 Wall Revival. At this stage, we are searching for homes in the Southern Oregon area, and will keep you posted with our progress!
What do you want people to love about your brand? When people think about our ‘revival’ projects, I hope that can capture our vision; to see forgotten, dilapidated homes become a beloved and beautiful space. Also, we hope our audience can see our eye for artful design, high-quality craftsmanship, and current style trends. We hope to become a leader in the home market in Southern Oregon.
What’s next? You can find us here on our new blog, where we will feature DIY tutorials, tons of before and after photos for inspiration, and design ideas. Thanks for following our journey, and you can also follow along on our Instagram HERE!

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