Come on In! (just dont look in the closet)

When I got the call from Lacey, owner of Ponderosa and Plaid to be part of a blog home tour, I was flattered and of course jumped on the bandwagon! I have stalked  followed her social media accounts for awhile and this girl can decorate! 

***** Here is how this is going to work, at the bottom of this post are the 3 other women participating in the home tour, you really DONT WANT TO MISS seeing inside their homes, they are all so unique and I KNOW FOR A FACT you will find some inspiration between all 4 of us!! 



My home has gone through a major overhaul in the last 5 years, its a 1960 ranch style home on about an acre backed up to farmland. With me having a more modern farmhouse style it took awhile to make the space work for us, and in a budget friendly way. When we purchased the home it was very dated with old everything and no air conditioning and lots of walls everywhere!  Luckily for me, I used to own a retail store so I was able to get a lot of my decor and lighting at wholesale which helped not break the bank!

The picture below is right when you walk in the door, We have a large 8 ft island in the center of the space breaking it from the kitchen. Its the center of our home.


The nook space below has always been a hard space to decorate. Its in the corner of a long narrow living space and it never “worked” so I saw Lacey (Ponderosa and Plaid) reconfigure a nook area I stole her idea and its been a hub for homework ever since!! We made the table and the top of it is made from my old floors, that I painted white. ( I will show a pic of those at the end of the blog)


Our space isn’t large maybe 1800sqft- ish, when we moved into the home the garage had been converted to a large living space which is nice since the main living space in the house is “cozy” it gives us another area to hang out.


Our most recent reno at our home was our laundry room, which you can find the before and afters on a previous blog post. All the materials are from Lowes and we did it for really cheap!


The dining room is one of my favorite spaces, I love the brick tile wall we did and the giant old sliding door into to the living room, it creates semi-privacy and its super bright and airy in there, since it is a garage conversion it steps down which I really love.

(the brick tile is from home depot)




Below is the living room/garage conversion off the dining room-

I am trying to decide if Im going to paint the floors white in this room, so far I'm like 80% yes.. the floors are super cheap lumber yard pine, which we did throughout the house while we saved for regular floors, they do splinter and are very soft wood, so I painted them knowing they would be ripped out in the main part of the house while we saved for actual floors. Can I just say... they were stunning. BUT and I mean a reaaaallly big BUT, living with dogs and kids on property they were impossible to keep clean. It was always dirty.

I literally think about them all the time. I truly loved the look!


Here are the painted floors in all their glory! This is the cleanest they ever were, I’m serious, they were so so so hard to keep clean.

Home Shots2.jpegimage2.jpeg

The last spot is my master bedroom. I love minimal decor. I don’t have a lot of decor or fluff, but I do choose the pieces for my home with care and put a lot of thought into it. So my dressers, and mirrors, and things like that, I do want to love them, since I will be looking at them everyday, I love finding salvaged items to mix in with my decor, its my favorite way to decorate. I also don’t love matchy-matchy.  I truly love how every home has its own vibe. We get to choose our ‘vibe’, our homes get to be whatever we want them to be, there are no rules, no wrong way to decorate, figure out what YOU love and do that!


Thanks for peeking inside my home!

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photo credit

Lahna Marie Photography


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